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Southern Ohio Farmer Greg Corcoran says a break in the rain has allowed him to complete some fieldwork. “We just now got out into the fields yesterday as far as putting our pre-plant anhydrous on, so we’re sitting here thinking we wish we could... (full story)

A bipartisan group of nearly 20 senators is asking the Trump administration to delay its plan for implementing the US Mexico Canada Agreement on June 1st. In a letter to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Senate Finance Committee members... (full story)

Chris speaks with Howestreet on the potential of a rally in equities and more! (full story)

From Haunted By Markets penned on... (full story)

The broad stock market has been in a rebound mode last week (March 25 - March 31). On Monday, March 23 it sold off to the new medium-term low of 2,191.86. It was a stunning 35.4% below February 19 record high of 3,393.52. The corona virus and economic slowdown fears have erased more than... (full story)

Dairy Farmers of America has been named the winning bidder for most of the Dean Foods operations.  Dean Foods issued a statement saying DFA will acquire the 44 of the Dean Foods fluid and frozen dairy facilities for 433-million dollars as... (full story)

Economists say the recent weakening of ethanol demand will likely sway some farmers to plant less corn than they originally planned. USDA chief economist Rob Johansson says their prospective planting report showed US farmers intend to plant more... (full story)

The Automated Data Processing national employment report showed a decline of 27,000. The estimate was for down 180,000. (full story)

Three waves of decline on DAX and S&P500 suggest a corrective movement within the uptrend. (full story)

Bulls have technical advantage amid choppy trading. Bulls need to step up and show more power to keep their chart advantage. (full story)

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Tyson Foods, Inc, announced on Tuesday it will pay approximately $60 million in “thank you” bonuses to its 116,000 frontline employees and Tyson truckers in the U.S. who support the company’s operations to provide food each day during the COVID-19... (full story)

While the exact origins remain a mystery, for many a century, this date has been celebrated as April Fools day.  Some believe it had its roots in the sixteenth century when, by order of the Council of Trent, France switched to the Gregorian calendar,... (full story)

COTTON General Comments Cotton was a little higher in spite of the USDA perspective plantings estimate. USDA estimated Cotton planted area at 13.7 million [...] (full story)

Global markets are taking another plunge after President Trump offered a sobering assessment of the rising death toll expectations from the coronavirus. Fox News reported [...] (full story)

The USDA released this year’s Prospective Planting Report Tuesday and it left many farmers and traders scratching their heads. The 2020 planting projections show higher-than-anticipated corn and soybean planting projections, with an expected total of... (full story)

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A developing storm system across the northern Plains will result in unsettled weather across the north-central U.S. and draw cold air southward across the Plains and much of the West. During the next 2 days, significant snow accumulations may... (full story)

Across the Corn Belt, cool, cloudy weather lingers across the eastern half of the region. Meanwhile, a few rain showers are occurring early Wednesday in the upper Midwest, mainly across Iowa and Minnesota. In late March, topsoil moisture was rated at... (full story)

Below is a daily US dollar continuation chart showing planetary angle lines. I used a price per degree of .0426. Uranus is support at 93.590. The bottom Neptune crosses at 91.425. The bottom Saturn crosses at 89.260. The upper Jupiter crosses at 104.085 and was target. Below is a daily US dollar... (full story)

Livestock Roundup Cattle The end of the month and end of the quarter offered some fireworks into the close as funds looked to square positions up, into the final hours of trade. The late day surge in live cattle puts us in expanded limit... (full story)

Will the USDA report take us to new lows? (full story)

The difficulties of the 2019 season didn’t just impact last year’s crop performance, it also set the stage for some additional challenges this year. In this Managing for Profit, DEKALB Asgrow technical agronomist Harmon Wilts of Minnesota shares... (full story)

Grain Express Corn (May) Fundamentals : Yesterday’s USDA report had prospective acres at an astonishing 96.99 million acres, well above the average estimate of 94 million. Quarterly stocks came in at 7.953 billion bushels, towards the low... (full story)

Sponsored by Pivot Bio PROVEN The focus for stormy weather will shift to the northern Plains and the Northwest. At mid-week, late-season snow will overspread parts of Montana’s high plains and continue across the Cascades and northern Rockies. As... (full story)

Farmers Plan Huge Corn Crop Despite Lower Ethanol Demand (full story)

A Newsletter with actionable ideas, ES, NQ, Crude, Gold and more (full story)

Soy trading has resulted in soybean futures that are 2 to 11 cents per bushel lower, with the old crop contracts in double digit territory. On Tuesday, soybean futures rallied back from the post report midday lows, and finished in the black despite p... (full story)

Overnight trading led to 2 to 3 cent per bushel declines for corn futures. Yesterday futures rallied back from a post report meltdown and ultimately ended with 1/2 to 2 1/4 cent losses. The Planting Intentions survey depicted 96.99 MA of 2020/21 corn... (full story)

The Wednesday session begins after losses of another 92 to 98 points from overnight action. The stock market futures turned lower, and the dollar is firmer. Cotton futures were higher by 14 to 43 points in the front months yesterday, with December 3... (full story)

On Tuesday, April hogs were down $1.75, but deferred contracts had some triple digit gains. The CME Lean Hog Index for March 27th was $65.56, down 90 cents. That is still a substantial premium to futures. The National Average Base Hog price was down ... (full story)

Cattle futures roared back to limit and near limit gains on Turnaround Tuesday after losses at midday. Feeder cattle futures ended the day $1.87 to $2.00 higher. The March 30 CME Feeder Cattle Index was $131.10, down by $1.47. The Fed Cattle Exchange... (full story)

The wheat markets are 3 to 7 cents lower this morning after closing mostly higher on Tuesday. Chicago is down the most, with MPLS spring wheat the firmest of the three. Yesterday, KC HRW wheat led the gains, with the front months 6 1/4 to 7 1/4 cent... (full story)

Overnight trading led to 2 to 3 cent per bushel declines for corn futures. Yesterday futures rallied back from a post report meltdown and ultimately ended with 1/2 to 2 1/4 cent losses. The Planting Intentions survey depicted 96.99 MA of 2020/21 corn... (full story)

Our research team believes a deeper price low will likely set up over the next 30+ days... (full story)

...the US stock markets may recover to levels near the 50% Fibonacci Retracement levels... (full story)

Its 2008 all over again, only much worse. And just like back then, PMs are likely to slide very fast, very far and then recover in a big way. A lot of money is likely to be made by those, who are positioned correctly. Normal 0 21 false ... (full story)

This spring has brought us many unexpected challenges as the U.S. and the rest of the world reacts to the spread of COVID-19 and the coronavirus. Conferences are canceled, schools are closed, and travel has come to a screeching halt. In addition to... (full story)

Yesterday the markets dropped as many firms won't meet earnings expectations. Will this change today? Read on to learn more... (full story)

Grain markets ease overnight . . . (full story)

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EURGBP remains in a technical downtrend, because of lower lows and lower swing highs, but structure looks to be in three waves. (full story)

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